Just found out you're going to be the lucky parents of multiples?

Join PGPOTTA and enjoy MULTIPLE benefits!


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What's included?

Having and caring for multiples is challenging and demanding and we all know it! It's nice to know you are not alone and to hear from other parents that it does get easier... eventually! Your PGPOTTA Membership includes:

All for only $30 per year!


As an added bonus, when you join PGPOTTA, you also become a member of Multiple Births Canada where you can access many free resources and an even greater network of parents with multiples.

Got Questions?

If you have questions, please call or email us. Our Sunshine person will connect with you and can either chat with you on the phone, by email or set up a time to meet.

Membership Renewal

Membership renewal is in September of each year, but you can join anytime throughout the year and we will pro-rate the amount. Don't worry, we will send you a reminder when it is time to renew your membership - we know how crazy life can be!

We now have membership renewal available online and have multiple payment options to make it as easy as possible. You can do an email money transfer, mail in a cheque or renew at one of the events.





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